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Welcome – -Whether it’s gaining insight & awareness in your spiritual life, deepening your personal relationships, achieving outstanding health & vitality, growing your professional enterprise, or simply taking your current achievements to the next level, Progressive Life Coach Jaclyn Costello is here to help you create a life filled with passion, success, and peace of mind–a life that fulfills your deepest desires and exceeds your wildest dreams.

Health & Healing – Holistic Healing with Las Vegas Life Coach Jaclyn Costello. Contact Jaclyn to eliminate depression, anxiety, poor lifestyle habits, stress and more. Jaclyn strongly believes that, “Healing occurs in the mind, heart, spirit, and body. Any system of self-improvement that does not address all of these essential components of the human being is lacking.”

Spirituality – Spiritual Development Coaching with Jaclyn Costello. Individuals come to Jaclyn seeking guidance on how to re-connect with their intuition, with God, and with the abundant flow of creative energy in the Universe that will help them transform their most beloved dreams into Reality.

Relationships and Love – Do you strongly desire companionship? Or, are you already in a relationship but feel as if things have gone astray?Or, perhaps you’ve suffered a recent divorce or break-up? Since human beings develop through interactions with each other, your personal evolution is largely dependent upon how meaningful your engagement is with those around you, especially within your primary relationship(s). Las Vegas Relationship Counselor, Jaclyn Costello, would love to speak more with you about these topics and others during a complimentary 20 minute introduction.

Peace of Mind – If you are lacking peace, if you are discontent with where you see your life heading, if there is something you know needs to change but you don’t know where to begin, remember this—all you must do to ignite the process of self-transformation is alter your perception. Need help along the way? Contact Life Coach Jaclyn Costello.

Personalized Ceremonies & Sacred Meditations – Sacred Meditations & Ceremonies have been used as part of the healing process for thousands of years. They are no less powerful today than they were when performed by our ancient ancestors under the stars. Spiritual Development Coach, Jaclyn Costello, will create and guide you (either alone, with a loved one, or a group of friends) through a personalized meditation or sacred ceremony.


  • Jaclyn Costello –Spiritual Development Coach, Jaclyn Costello, blends contemporary & indigenous healing practices to nurture the expansion. What does expansion mean? Growth of awareness, spirit, professional enterprise, wealth, love, and creative capacity…
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Life Coaching for Men -Life Coaching for Men: Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Communication, Stress and Anger Reduction. Contact Life Coach Jaclyn Costello.

Life Coaching For Women – Life Coaching for Women from Spiritual Coach Jaclyn Costello. Contact Jaclyn to to gain a more authentic understanding of who you are, come into your FULL power, and create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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