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Personalized Meditations & Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred Meditations & Ceremonies have been used as part of the healing process for thousands of years. They are no less powerful today than they were when performed by our ancient ancestors under the stars.

However, many people have forgotten the true purpose and meaning behind these meditations. A sacred ceremony satisfies our longing for spiritual communion, empowerment, harmony within ourselves, and a reverent, intimate understanding of the primordial universe.

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To participate in a such an experience is to dedicate oneself to the inner work of continual awakening. During a guided ceremony you may release problematic emotions & anxieties, face your fears, re-create your identity, gain spiritual clarity, re-align with your soul’s purpose, and feel blissfully embraced by the spirit world—
a realm filled with wise, protective guides and angelic presences.

Sacred ceremonies also allow us to acknowledge & catalyze a transition or rite of passage in our lives (a new beginning, a conclusion to a chapter along our journey, a celebration, etc.) We can participate as part of a group or alone in a personal setting. Either way, the experience serves the same purpose: to elevate our physical & emotional consciousness in order to achieve alignment with the Divine.

Our spirits become rejuvenated after these experiences. Many people report feeling lighter & more inspired. Or they describe a newfound clarity followed by a desire to immediately act upon the insights they received. Other common experiences include: Non-Mind, Gratitude, Connectedness, Encountering God, Transcendence of Space & Time, Spiritual Re-birth, & feelings of pure Love. Sometimes, too, difficult thoughts and emotions come to the surface so that they may be examined, healed, and released.

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Examples of Ceremonies/Sacred Meditations

To gather a feeling for the variety of sacred experiences I facilitate, take a peek at the collages on this page–the one directly above, and the one found by scrolling down a bit (all images have been used with the permission of the clients and friends in them!) Together, we can create any sort of personalized meditation your soul feels drawn to.

Some of the types of ceremonies and meditations I facilitate are:

Shamanic Healing Las Vegas

*Heart Blessing/Heart Opening & Healing

I began giving this blessing years before my logical mind “knew” what I was doing, years before any Reiki training or shamanic intensives; I believe this specific energy healing comes most naturally to me, and I would love to share it with you.

Heart Blessings/Openings are typically 1-1.5 hours long, and are facilitated in my healing room.

* Letting Go/Clearing/Release
of a person, an experience, a mindset, anything no longer serving your highest development

* Honoring & Embracing a New Stage in Life
your role as a new parent, as wife or husband, as newly single, as a healer, a new career path, etc.

* Intention Setting + Creation/Manifestation 

Planning an expedition to Brazil with these two students/Divine light beams

* Power Ceremonies for Women
I honor & am lovingly connected to Quan-Yin, Yemanja, the great Cosmic Mother, and a powerful feminine plant-spirit guide (ultimately, they’re all one in the same.) I would love to explore these energies with you, as you step into your own inner Goddess

* Relationship Deepening & Alignment
typically for couples, but also for friends or business partners—this meditation deepens & enforces your connection to each other, while also deepening & enlivening the connection you have to God together; this ceremony is ideal for two people seeking to align with a common goal, dream, or soul-felt mission–or for a couple looking to more intimately embrace & nurture each other

* Meditation to Connect with Spirit Guides, Protectors, and Angels

* Meditation for Stress-Relief

* Creation & Blessing of a Sacred Space
this would take place in your own home or office

Spiritual Shamanic Ceremonies Las Vegas, Spiritual Life Coach Las Vegas, Shaman Las Vegas, Mediation Guide Las Vegas, Spiritual Guide Las Vegas, Soul Guide Las Vegas

Where/how does a ceremony take place?

Ceremonies and Meditations can take place outdoors, in your home, in my personal meditation space, or in any place that holds significance for you. Depending on what you wish to create, a variety of music, songs, sacred prayers, silence, movement, instruments, scents, teas, herbs, and healthy foods will be a part of the experience. As well, if you would like guidance in integrating the realizations and clarity you gain during your experience, I am available for guidance in the weeks and months that follow.

Is a personal or group ceremony best for me?

This is up to you. I hold both individual and group meditations/ceremonies. The groups are not full of strangers; they are people that you bring together (i.e. your personal circle of friends, co-workers, or family.) And while there’s something to say for an individual, personalized healing (lots of attention and focus given directly and only to you, based on exactly what you need…) there is also something magical about the heightened energy of a group ceremony. Many of my most powerful experiences have unfolded while in the company of like-spirited individuals whose sincere commitment to personal & group evolution matched my own.

About Your Guide

Spiritual Shamanic Ceremonies Las Vegas, Spiritual Life Coach Las Vegas, Shaman Las Vegas, Mediation Guide Las Vegas, Spiritual Guide Las Vegas, Soul Guide Las Vegas

My life has been a series of deaths and re-births. I love what the Sufi Saint and poet Rabia wrote—“I died a thousand times before I died.” Yes. Me too. Sometimes at the cellular level…other times, it was a portion of my ego dissipating, or old habits and mindsets that were no longer serving my highest development.

My background in Spiritual Guidance evolved over years of extensive one-on-one mentorships, personal work, and immersive involvement in sacred, shamanic ceremonies. I’ve been blessed to learn from accomplished spiritual teachers, indigenous healers, and intuitive therapists. If you’d like more details about the trainings and apprenticeships I’ve completed, contact me!

Experiences living abroad & traveling have greatly influenced my exposure to a variety of ancient healing practices. Most of the songs & prayers used in my meditations are from the following traditions: Amazonian Peruvian, Brazilian, Celtic, & Tibetan Buddhist. Each song, prayer, instrument, posture, scent, and silence holds a specific, significant purpose in the healing process.

As part of my work on this path, I’ve been blessed with magical, humbling, indescribably beautiful (sometimes terrifying) visions and spiritual teachings. Each revelation was then followed by the difficult process of integration.

Spiritual Shamanic Ceremonies Las Vegas, Spiritual Life Coach Las Vegas, Shaman Las Vegas, Mediation Guide Las Vegas, Spiritual Guide Las Vegas, Soul Guide Las Vegas

Several years ago in LaBastide, France–shortly before a ‘Letting Go’ ceremony

A note on integration: one of the roles of the spiritual guide is to transmit states of awakening and gradually open doorways to greater consciousness. However, any transmission received (from God, the Universe, your own DNA, a guide) only becomes firmly rooted when the seeker accepts responsibility for their own process of transformation and takes charge of their own evolution by integrating necessary changes that arise during sacred meditations. Bottom line: you must take action in your day-to-day life after you are gifted with insights and clarity.

When all is said and done, I can’t take credit for anything. I continue to fall to my knees in awe & reverence of each human’s innate healing abilities. May I help you find the healer within yourself, and help to connect you back to the Source.

For more information about me, visit the About Jaclyn page, or contact me to meet.

Spiritual Life Coach Jaclyn Costello

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