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“A new world is only a new mind.”

–William Carlos Williams

You are much BIGGER and far greater than your thoughts alone. Many people forget that. They identify so strongly with their thoughts that they create psychological prisons filled with fears, anxiety, un-true beliefs, and egoic desires. Then they sentence themselves to live within that severely limited reality.

As writer-philosopher Tom Cheetham brought to the foreground of my consciousness years ago, it’s been a long time since many of us have really experienced the World. Instead, we experience a constriction of it, a selection of it, a lack of breadth and depth. We step out cautiously checking ourselves against ‘what is allowed’ and ‘what is known’.

We throw a world out ahead of ourselves and move safely into it. We have found our way into a closed world and mistaken it for infinity.

Don’t let this be you.

Wouldn’t you prefer to see clearly? To enter each moment fresh and new, un-hindered from the past, with no pre-conceived notions of what the next moment is supposed to be?

If you are lacking peace or are discontent with where you see your life heading, or if there is something you know needs to change but you don’t know where to begin, remember this—all you must do to ignite the process of self-transformation is alter your perception.

Easier said than done? At least you have the formula and the key. They are one in the same: your big, beautiful, rambunctious, imaginative, limitless (& limiting), ever-expanding Mind.

Some of my favorite ways to move beyond my Mind and experience dramatic perception shifts include: traveling, open-hearted conversations with diverse individuals, entering altered states of consciousness (via meditation, sacred ceremonies, music & dance, shamanic drumming), Kundalini yoga, sohbet with a Beloved, reading spiritual texts & poetry, surrounding myself with highly evolved beings (animal versions, too!) and spending time in Nature…especially in forests, near snowy mountains, and under the stars.

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My favorite mountain in the world, along with my favorite star system. Both are my home. My friend Lubosh took this picture of the mountain and combined it with a picture from NASA for me. You can check out Lubosh’s work at

Spiritual Life Coach Las Vegas

“The world is full of magic things,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

– W.B. Yeats

There is magic for you to experience in the World every moment. Move your Mind out of the way and see! Don’t be upset if you are unfamiliar or out of touch with what lies beyond the Mind. We can get you back. Yes, back. It’s where you came from. I’m here to help you access and embrace that mystery for what it truly is: more real than any narrow-minded, thought-heavy way of seeing.

But don’t I need my Mind?

Yes, you need your Mind. Your Mind helps filter Reality. Without that funnel, you would be bombarded by a bewildering, unexplainable, multi-dimensional overload.

You would run the risk of death by astonishment.

The Light, so to speak, would blind you.


And though one of the goals of a seeker’s journey is to widen the funnel in order to continually take on more & more of unfiltered Reality, there remains a necessity in cultivating a healthy & focused Mind. Language, for one, is a tool of the Mind that helps us articulate & understand Reality. As well–we live in a physical world that requires practical interactions within our culture, as well as a bit of organization to keep our ‘civilized’ lives rolling along.

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Even so, never forget–your Mind is merely a part of you, just as your hand, foot, or arm is just a part of a larger body.

Imagine if you had no control over your arms? What if they flailed around wildly knocking over cups of teas and shattering picture frames? What if they grabbed strangers unexpectedly and got you into all sorts of trouble?

This is the current state of most people’s Minds! Completely out of control. For many human beings a ‘normal’ state of Mind is madness. Rather than having their Minds remain dutifully on call to work for them, many people allow their Mind to do whatever it pleases, whenever it pleases.

In India it is said, “the mind is maya” meaning delusion. Buddhists refer to the Mind as “dukkha” which translates as suffering or misery.

Tibetans divide the idea of Mind into two distinct categories: sem and Rigpa. Sem can be thought of as the small-minded-Mind which possesses a sense of duality. It grasps. It rejects. It plots. It manipulates. It can flare up in desire or anger. It notices the “other” and can only function in relation to a projected external reference point. Sem is flickering, unstable, an untamed, unruly beast! A wild & feverish monkey swinging from tree to tree!

Rigpa, on the other hand, is primordial, pure, pristine, awake, radiant awareness. It is the knowledge of knowledge itself, steady and unchanging. Rigpa can be thought of as Ultimate Reality. The nature of Self is the nature of Rigpa. If sem is the temporary waves upon the ocean (ever-changing due to winds and tides), Rigpa is the ocean itself.

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Mind Survivor’s Anonymous

Hello, my name is Jaclyn, and I was once addicted to my Mind. I was completely lost inside her, grasped by her dirty talons, thrashing about helplessly.

But not anymore! I am now a proud survivor of my Mind.

How sweetly I remember the first time I fully stepped outside my Mind. It was during a sacred ceremony the night I met a Brazilian shaman we’ll call “The Medicine Father” –a healer, priest, doctor, and conduit between the material and spiritual worlds. “Show me what you’ve got!” I challenged the spirits before The Medicine Father began the ceremony. “I’m ready. I can handle it. Bring it on full-throttle.”

An hour later, I was curled into a ball on the floor (far from the respectable lotus pose I was meant to be maintaining) crying under a pink blanket, completely in awe of a more real Reality than I’d ever experienced before. The initiation into that Reality had begun with the removal of my Mind. (It was sucked out from my ear, to be exact, by some sort of spirit-creature entities.)

I remember watching my Mind from the outside in and realizing how severely it had been limiting me. My Mind was not the be-all-end-all source of ‘what is’ or ought to be. It was just a sea of self-constructed thoughts that had little to do with ultimate Reality.

This made me shudder, laugh, and cry. Being a writer and a professor (which basically means I work inside a hazardous Mind-factory) I thought, “How futile, my professions! How futile, the Mind! Why have I chosen to devote my life to working within a construct that is more illusion than Reality?”

As quickly as I asked the questions, I was filled with a reply. “You need to help people navigate their way through their own Minds. You must help people refine their most incredible endowment.”

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The mind is like a diamond. It can cut through anything.

Still, it felt like a burden to me, and I momentarily wished I’d been born more of a simpleton.

As a creative individual, I have a vivid imagination, and, as one of my friend’s says, “a big engine under the hood.” So gaining control of my Mind has been a life-long adventure.

Today, I am grateful to be able to process the world as thoroughly as I do, and I no longer wish to dim my intellectual capabilities or will myself to ignorance. Instead, I work on the ability to keep my Mind alive and alert but capable of moving into silence when I need it to. And I help my clients do the same—when they want to think, they can; when they don’t want to think, they move into non-thinking.

I urge my clients to always ‘remain the witness’, watching the Mind. Smile and wave as the thoughts go by. They are not a permanent part of you; they are just passing through.

Remember not to internalize any harmful information that enters from the outside. When someone plants a negative thought-seed in your Mind, immediately un-plant it! Imagine a bird carrying it away. Imagine a caring, old Grandfather sweeping your Mind clean with a broom. Pick an image, any image–just get rid of that seed! It will not grow unless you nurture it. The same holds true for negative thoughts that you create about yourself.

Spiritual Life Coach Las Vegas, Shaman Las Vegas, Meditation Guide

A friend told me about the “rat bats” he sets loose in his Mind so they can swoop around and eat up all the negative thoughts. Hey, it works for him…

You can (and should) train your Mind to follow new patterns of positive thinking because the more you refuse to entertain negative thoughts, the more they stop arriving.

Remember: only if you grant power to something can it have power over you.

Most importantly, NEVER speak negative thoughts out loud. This is like feeding the Mogwai after midnight. Remember what happens? They turn into Gremlins! Once you have verbally acknowledged a negative thought, you’ve done that thought a favor by bringing it one step closer to becoming a reality.

A mantra: I observe my thoughts and entertain only those that empower me.

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“I’ve been through a lot of horrible things in my life…
some of them actually happened.”

—Mark Twain

Our emotions attack our bodies at the cellular level. Here are the worst offenders: Fear, Hate, Worry, Anxiety, Bitterness, Impatience, Greed, Unkindness, Shame & Resentment. Our neurons can’t tell the difference between real and imaginary experiences. They register frequent use patterns of perception that then influence our succeeding perception. Translation: humans have the unique ability to suffer through imaginary possibilities.

I look forward to helping you break free from any unhealthy sense of Reality you have. You’ll learn to release thoughts that promote stress, anger, worry, shame, & other limiting frameworks–and I’ll provide you with meditation techniques to keep yourself present and at peace. This will help you achieve goals more easily because you will be seeing things as they actually are and making decisions from there.

A note on decisions: the quality of your life is a direct reflection of the choices you’ve been making—decisions about what to believe, what to feel, what to control, who to engage with; everything is a choice! It’s important that your Mind, Heart, and Spirit are all aligned when making big decisions. Align these, and the energy to move forward in peace will arrive.

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The Company You Keep

“Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember—the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.”
—Zig Ziglar

“Even my chains and I grew friends, so much long communion tends, to make us what we are.”
—L. Byron

I cannot emphasize enough: keep only positive and encouraging company with kind, balanced, empowering people.

Your parents probably drilled this into your head since you were a child, and you probably ignored it and hung out with destructive people anyway. I did too. Even as an adult, I sometimes find it challenging to step away from lovers, friends, or acquaintances who are no longer healthy for my self-development. At first this might seem like an elitist attitude, until you realize that you’re not doing anyone a favor by enabling negativity and disrespect to perpetuate.

Who and what you surround yourself with greatly influence your belief system, sense of self, and vision of the world. If you have a friend who is polluting your life—be it because he is persistently negative, small-minded, judgmental, or isn’t excited about life and acts out in controlling & restrictive ways—it may be time for you to step away.

In addition to people, you must also be careful of information and places you expose yourself to. Everything you ‘ingest’ affects you positively or adversely—the books you read, the media you intake, the places you go, everything.

I am not suggesting you abandon your loved ones whenever the going gets tough. I am merely urging you to leave situations and people that prove to be chronically harmful to your well-being.

Click here to read my post on ‘What to do when a loved one crushes your spirit…’

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Stillness and the Mind

Stillness is not a physical posture; it is an inner position in relationship to your own experiences. Being still means having no relationship to anything that is happening, has happened, or ever will happen. It is the posture of freedom.

This sort of detachment is different from ‘not caring.’ This stillness involves seeing clearly without being uncontrollably wrapped up in any event, person, or situation. It’s being able to say, “I am not bound to the spectacle I’m witnessing.”

When you are still and detached, you’re able to interact mindfully with the world while at the same time maintaining awareness of a much greater context than your personal experience. As you practice this, you will keep rediscovering that you are neither prisoner to your emotions nor your Mind.

Spiritual Life Coach Jaclyn Costello

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