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Happy New Year! 2014

by Jaclyn on January 2, 2014

Business Coach Las Vegas

Business Coach Las VegasHey Everyone!

I hope you had a happy holiday season and will soon have an amazing New Year’s Eve. I promise you, this isn’t going to be a long letter about resolutions and goals because you probably already KNOW what you need to change or improve upon in 2014.

However, this letter IS going to offer you a gentle reminder that it’s not enough to know what you need to change or improve. That’s right. ‘Knowing’ is just the first step. What must then follow is focused, passionate, desire-filled ACTION.

I realize you need to be ready and willing first, so perhaps a good question to ask yourself at the start of this New Year is: Am I ready and willing to change myself and my life?

I know it can be terrifying– especially if you’re stepping out of your comfort zone or facing parts of yourself that are so fragile, dark, or confusing that you’ve spent years either avoiding them completely or building up walls of delusion all around them. But isn’t now the time to bust down those walls so you can encounter, heal, and grow?

You don’t have to go through this process of transformation alone. This is what coaches are for! This is what I do. I help you face what must be faced in order to take inspired action and create authentic change in yourself, your relationships, your business, and your life.

Also to note: I also offer a complimentary introductory session– which is typically 20 minutes long but I am temporarily extending to a full hour (my New Year’s gift to you!) so if you haven’t taken advantage of the chance to hash out a problem, explore your spirituality, gain perspective on a personal situation, or simply ask me some questions about the coaching process… now’s your chance!

One way or another, I send clarity and blessings your way, and I wish you the very best in 2014!!


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