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Life Coach for Women Las VegasThe Universe is at play. Divine Play.

And you are a part of it.

Many women have forgotten this. They come to me after losing touch with this natural, powerful way of being. They have forgotten that we are here to celebrate existence.

Instead, they remain steeped in their roles as wife/girlfriend, mother, professional, caretaker–or they remain lost in the fears, hesitations, and insecurities of the little girl inside of them.

Have you yet to discover you are more than just that girl?

You are a strong & shining Woman.

You are a Divine Goddess at Play.

The Hindus call it Lila, but perhaps you identify with another form of sacred feminine energy–be it Inanna, Diana, Kuan Yin, Yemanja, Aphrodite, Lakshmi, the beloved Mary, Shakti, Kali, a playful forest Queen…

Whoever your Goddess soul-sister may be, don’t deny this part of you.

The world needs you in your full power, desperately.

The world needs your nurturing touch, your creativity, your strength, your Love, your endless well of healing energy.

This is your natural state.

Life Coach Women Las Vegas

A musing–

I found her on the lake

She was everywhere
she placed the universe in my heart
long, gigantic, flowing hair

She floated in the song
in the center of my heart

churning the Milky Way

Spiritual Life Coach Las Vegas

This was inspired by a breath-taking vision I had during a meditation ceremony. I experienced God in the form of a beautiful Goddess churning the cosmic sea.

You are that Goddess–churning the entire Universe to keep its energy alive.

Perhaps you churn it through sacred dance. Perhaps it’s the songs you sing. Maybe it’s the poems you write for your children. Or the smile you share with the stranger at the grocery store that brightens his entire day.

You churn all the elements of your life to keep them going strong—your family, your career, your spiritual devotion, your art, your passions, your endless Love.

You infuse yourself into everything you do, everything you touch with your lovely hands.

This is your calling. To be a Goddess, celebrating life, Loving to your full capacity.

You are not meant to give up your power to anybody.

You are meant to be yourself fully, without apology.

Keep the Universe breathing.

Spiritual Life Coach Las Vegas

For All the Lovely Ladies

Imagine a life where you feel deeply connected in your relationships, beautiful in your body, and inspired by the work you do & its contribution to the world. Imagine that you make every choice out of love rather than guilt, obligation, or fear. Imagine caring for yourself without feeling selfish because you realize that when you care genuinely for yourself, you naturally care for others in a more powerful and healthy way.

As your personal life coach, I am dedicated to help you step into your full power and embrace a life that’s nothing less than everything you wish it to be.


Life Coach Las Vegas

Super-Woman, 2017

What an honor to be born a woman in this contemporary age…and what an enormous responsibility! We often feel torn in uncountable directions, as if we’re meant to be so many things, meant to live so many lives.

For one, it’s in our nature to want ‘to nest’, to settle down and create a peaceful home environment in which we and the ones we love can remain safe from the world. We don’t want to become hardened, need to fight for survival, or develop the thick skin often required to navigate this rugged world. We would rather remain soft, nurturing, feminine, and receptive. However there is another layer to our natural desires which has recently become more culturally accepted in Western society: women are now raised to be independent, ambitious, adventure-seeking & able to thrive without a mate.

Women often come to me because they are attempting to balance everything: a home life, work life, health, a spiritual practice, relationships, creative projects, a social life…and of course, they expect to do it all perfectly! Women want to be everything for everyone. And we do want to be ‘out in the world’, but because it has notoriously been a man’s world for so long, it’s sometimes difficult to feel natural in it.

The good news: the world is shifting. Slowly but surely, a strong feminine energy is finding its way into all areas of life—so woman can more easily remain women AND fulfill their dreams and desires outside of the home.

Dalai Lama Western Woman

The 14th Dalai Lama, at the Vancouver Peace Summit, 2009

The Dalai Lama did not utter this statement to slight men or non-Western women. He is pointing to the fact that the Yin & Yang balance in the world has been off for centuries. The world needs more Yin. Softness. Compassion. Love. Community. Re-connection with the Goddess, with the Mother, with Nature. More openness. More surrender.

We have seen too much Yang. Too much abuse of power. Too much warfare and unneeded pain. A severe disconnect from our natural environment. Relentless acquisition of material gains. Ego. Anger. Suppressive religious faiths. Fearful Dictators & Kings.

This is not to say a healthy spot of Yang is not necessary. But we are quite out of balance at this point, and what the Earth needs now are conscious men & conscious women alike to create a new Earth with more equality, peace, serenity, and spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual Life Coach Las Vegas

Women and Self-Esteem


“Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it, so it goes on flying anyway.” —Mary Kay Ash


“You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it come true.” –Richard Bach


Be the Woman you needed as a Girl.

Women and Self-Esteem, Las Vegas Life Coach

Self-esteem is holding yourself to a high, deserved standard of living and feeling the confidence to settle for nothing less. You must acknowledge your own inner power, so if ever you feel the need to walk away from a bad situation or negative person, you do so without second-guessing your intuition and needs. If you’re suffering from low self-esteem, you will not act on intuitive promptings because the fear of failure, loss, or rejection will be too intense.

A woman with a healthy self-esteem is able to say exactly what she needs to say, exactly when she needs to say it. If she needs to tell someone, “You know, this really doesn’t work for me,” she does so without hesitation or fear. Self-esteem is crucial when you need to stand up to someone in a business or personal relationship. The more belief you have in yourself, the less you can be compromised.

Remember: if you can be bought—if you can be compromised, if you sell your soul for safety—you will always block your higher guidance.

As Caroline Myss says: “It’s a matter of spiritual shame.”

I’m here to help you authentically nurture & love yourself as deeply as you care for those around you. I’ll also guide you to make choices that enhance your self-empowerment by encouraging you to raise your standards, expand your vision of what your world can be, and enjoy the confidence that comes from living authentically.

Spiritual Life Coach

Do not think small! Stop being small. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. Do not be afraid to be the unshackled, free, beautiful, sacred, feminine being that you are meant to be.

Good things come from those who feel good. As much as you possibly can, treat every day as if it’s your birthday! Do exactly what you need to do to nurture a deep love for yourself. And if you’re ever feeling down, read this poem by Maya Angelou. It’s called Phenomenal Woman, and it’s about you.

Spiritual Life Coach Jaclyn Costello

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