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Life Coaching for Men

For Men

    You animals. You absolute Beasts. You—

    Life Coach for Men


    in the form of humans.


    in the form of grown up boys.

    Gentle Lovers. Generous Souls.

    You are TOTAL. You are complete.

    We need you just as you are.

    We need your strength, protection, heroic gestures of power & might, your selfless chivalry. We need your tenderness, your open-heart, your benevolent spirit. We want to rest our head on your chest and have our worries dissolve.

    We know we expect a lot from you. We know the world demands even more. The world tells you to produce, thrive, succeed, conquer, create a legacy. Be a guide for your brothers. A role model for your children. The captain of the ship. The mentor for your team. The shining leader of the entire enterprise! Keep going. Don’t rest. Don’t show an ounce of vulnerability…

    At times, you may find it difficult to follow your more subtle callings—the urges that stir quietly in your soul when no one else is watching. You want to follow those callings. You seek true inner power. Peace of Mind. Time to explore your curiosities. Perhaps you’ve pushed these desires aside to focus on building a worldy empire. There is no shame in that. You are striving to be everything.

    Guess what? You already are.

    Do you sometimes have trouble remembering that?

    Life Coach Las Vegas for Men

    How Can I Guide You? I can help you to–

    • Reduce your stress levels & settle into a more peaceful mindset
    • Recognize and overcome the barriers holding you back from greater success
    • Get in touch with your authentic values; then begin to create a life reflective of those desires
    • Build and maintain strong, exciting, loving relationships–filled with passion and intimacy
    • Open up, loosen up, realize you’re most incredible when you are yourself
    • Move forward after a difficult break-up or divorce
    • Deepen and develop your spirituality
    • Let go of beliefs, habits, and mindsets that are not supporting your highest development
    • Overcome your doubts and fears
    • Become a more effective leader
    • Connect & communicate with your intuition (because this helps everything!)
    • Eliminate anger issues; learn to forgive yourself & others
    • Build more self-confidence and self-trust
    • Reduce conflicts in the workplace or in your personal life
    • Evaluate and strengthen your personal relationships

    I’m a big fan of what Tony Robbins says about life coaches:

    “Coaches work like personal trainers: if you really wanted to improve your body and you had the money, time, and inclination, you’d hire a personal trainer. Your trainer would be able to target trouble zones, motivate you in the gym, push you when you were thinking of skipping a day, and teach you how to maintain the results you worked so hard to achieve. This same idea holds true with a life coach. If you really want to improve your life, you need to find someone outstanding who can help you produce lasting results.”

    Maybe you think you should be able to figure it out on your own. It’s hard to ask for help when you’re used to being the one who fixes everything. Yet without calling in some reinforcement, you will still be feeling the same way you do today, next week, next month, and next year. Don’t delay transforming your life when you know something needs to evolve.

    Successful people are not afraid to invest in themselves, just as they would see the importance of investing in their business if they wanted it to flourish. They understand the importance of continual self-growth, and they know that the clarity, focus, and confidence they gain while working with a guide will help accelerate their lives.

    Even if it’s easy for you to sit down in a moment of peace and map out the clearest, most beneficial plan for your life, once you’re back in the storm, those best-laid plans may have a tendency to disintegrate. That’s why having a trusted guide, who maintains an outside perspective, will keep you encouraged, focused, & always progressing steadily toward your goals.

    Life Coach for Men Las Vegas

    Men conquering, thinking, Being

    What are some of the reasons men come to see me?


    Do you feel as if you carry the weight for your entire relationship, family, or company?
    Do you consider mistakes failures?
    Did you put your personal or spiritual life on hold to achieve ‘success’ then discover you’re not as ecstatic about life as you imagined you’d be?
    Do you react with ‘knee-jerk’ actions that you later regret?
    Do you have trouble sleeping because you’re replaying events from the day or planning for tomorrow?
    Are you constantly worried about money?
    Do you believe that all conflicts are ultimately your fault?
    Is your health less than ideal?
    Do you feel weak if you ask for help?
    Do you constantly compare yourself to other men?

    If any of this sounds like you, it’s time to step back, slow down, and re-consider your approach to life. If you maintain your current mindset, you run the risk of permanently damaging your health, alienating your peace of mind, and greatly upsetting your relationships. Get in touch with me to work on ways to maintain your ambition without letting it affect your health, peace of mind, or relationships.

    Read more about Peace of Mind here.

    Mid-life Crises

    It’s not a crisis…it’s a mortality check! A chance to re-think and start anew. Acknowledging death can be a liberating experience because–

    The closer you feel to death, the more you realize you are alive.

    At this point, you know how quickly time can fly, and though I’m sure you’ve had your share of challenges, you realize it’s not good to stay stuck complaining or feeling hopeless. It’s time to change your life, right here, right now.

    You can be in the best shape physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at any age. In fact, now is the perfect time to give it all a shot. When we talk, I’ll guide you to reflect upon what’s been working for you so far, what lifelong dreams you’re finally ready to pursue, and how you can best turn those dreams into reality. After this process, you’ll be able to move forward with more knowledge, authenticity, confidence, and courage.

    Physical Health

    There is a huge difference between men who take care of their health and those who do not. I know 55 year old men who look and feel 30, as well as 30 year old men who look and feel 55.

    If you want to look and feel your best, you must put in the work to get there. This means sweating during solid workouts, following a healthy eating plan, monitoring alcohol/drug consumption, and various other positive lifestyle habits. For more information on Diet, and Exercise, click here.

    Creating Power & Success

    Want success like Richard Branson’s? Click here!

    Or, check out my Business & Power page.


    Women are feeling more vibrant than ever these days—and they want you to feel the same! Women want to be with men who are strong, reliable, loving, kind, healthy, and confident. If you haven’t been taking care of your mind, body, heart or spirit, it’s time to bring yourself up to speed.

    If you continue to find yourself with women who take advantage of you, are disloyal or cruel, dull or un-exciting, or treat you more like a puppet than a King, I’ll help you set proper boundaries, figure out why you’ve been choosing the wrong women, and determine how you’re going to attract a woman who is worthy of you.

    Loyal, passionate, beautiful, sweet, strong, authentic women ARE out there, but you must first be the person you need to be in order to attract them.

    For more on Women, Love, Dating, and Relationship–head over to my Love & Relationships page.

    Spiritual Alignment

    Ultimately and arguably the most important area of your life! Read more on Spiritual Expansion here.

    Life Coach for Men
    Spiritual Life Coach Jaclyn Costello

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