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Five Super-Tips to Grow Your Successful Business

by Jaclyn on February 13, 2013

by Jaclyn Costello

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Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re already the proud owner of a successful empire, these tips aren’t going out of style any time soon, so soak them up!

1) Harness Your Power


Question: Do you feel full of potential and power but unsure of where to place it or how to best use it to make money, serve others, and fulfill your life purposes?

Think: Maybe you’re brilliant but scattered. Maybe fear is holding you back. Maybe you feel guilty for out-shining your friends, siblings, or spouse. Whatever your unique situation may be, it’s time you focus your energy on moving forward in a clear, directed fashion.

Action: Take out a piece of paper and a pen to answer these questions–When do I find myself losing power? Why do I let this happen? What excuses do I habitually tell myself about my self-growth and my ability to succeed? What are other self-limiting beliefs that may be holding me back?


2) The Road Map


Question: What intentions do you have for your business? Do you have a map that lays out your company’s goals and the steps you must take daily/weekly/quarterly to reach them?

Think: A single line in an architectural blueprint can cause a building to be either a work of art or a complete structural failure. A single football play can make or break an NFL game. Teachers need lesson plans. Chefs create shopping lists. We are a people of planning!

This is not to say we shouldn’t be adaptable, relaxed, or able to relinquish control when necessary–but let’s be real: if you’d like to get from point A to point B as painlessly and effectively as possible, your business needs a plan.

Action: Read on.


3) Strategic Planning


Question: Are your goals aligned with what your customers/clients want & need, or solely with the areas of your business that you want to grow?

Think: If you’ve been focusing the majority of your energy and resources on the ideas, products, and services in your business that most excite you–it may be time to pause and re-consider. While following your personal inclinations is absolutely necessary, it’s also important to check in and gauge what your clients desire. That’s what makes your clients happy. That’s what grows your company. That’s what keeps you at the top of the game in your industry.

Action: Sit down with your business partner, an outside strategist, by yourself, or with me, and brainstorm your most successful ideas, products, campaigns and projects from last year. Then, anticipate ongoing or upcoming industry trends. Knowing what you already know about your clients’ history (i.e. what they purchase, what keeps them satisfied, what they want more of, etc.)–combined with the knowledge you have regarding your industry’s projected path of growth–what can you do/create/change this month to accelerate your business?


4) Know Your SEO


Question: Do you have an online marketing campaign? If no, why not?

If yes, have you de-mystified the Search Engine Optimization process so that you (not your ‘SEO guy’) are ultimately in control of your online marketing decisions? Or are you still spending thousands of dollars a month on a process that remains a complete mystery to you?

Think: While all forms of advertising are helpful–and while word of mouth & referrals may still be the most trusted ways of gaining/retaining a customer base–without an online presence, you are losing business. There is much to say on this topic. I even became Google Certified to help my business clients better understand online advertising.

Action: Educate Yourself. Or, allow me to help. I’m here to guide your through this process so you make more educated decisions, which will ultimately lead to more peace of mind and more money in your pockets.


5) Grow with Soul


Question: What’s the problem with getting as BIG as possible, as quickly as possible, without adequate consideration?

Think: You have no chance to develop depth.

Growing a business does not simply involve growing upwards–you must also grow roots in order to develop strength and staying power. How will your business ever weather a storm otherwise?

Developing ‘soul’ involves deepening events into experiences. Building an admirable, respectable business is an entirely different process than rushing to create a storefront and selling loads of inventory. Before you aim for that, it’s best to have a sense of what your company’s underlying philosophy and intentions are.

Danny Meyer, founder and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, says it best:

“… I learned the value of allowing a business to develop its soul. Soul happens almost as slowly as it takes for a baseball glove to break in: you have to play catch for a really long time. Time helped Union Square Cafe achieve something very few businesses do, which is essentiality, the sense that it mattered in people’s lives. The shelf life of innovation is about two seconds today. Even if you have the best idea, it’s going to get copied. The thing that cannot be copied is how I make you feel.”

Action: Eat some soul food tonight. Then lean back in a comfortable chair and consider which areas of your business need to slow down and develop more deeply. If you find you need help (eating the soul food or strategizing,) I’m here!


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Samm Sikora-Pelletier November 9, 2013 at 2:37 am

Thanks for the awesome tips, Jaclyn!

I think with my business in particular, #1 and #5 have really been killers. I’ve been going through a LOT of ups and downs and my energy (although I am happier and way more productive than I was a 6 months ago, let alone a year ago or further back – I’m the happiest I’ve been in my entire life) has ridden that rollercoaster with me. Growing pains freakin’ suck.

Additionally, being a part of a lot of biz groups and being surrounded by entrepreneurs, I was stricken with what I call ‘Shiny Crap Syndrome’ where everyone was pushing me to do more, go bigger, blah blah, and totally ignoring my very valid point of, “I’ve been doing this for 2 years!” Not even 2 years professionally, 2 years, period. Intuitive skill – even for someone as gifted as a John Edwards – takes years to hone and a lifetime to even scratch the surface of mastering, so I can definitely relate.

Thanks for the blog post (and the inspiration – going to go take notes and put up a response on my own little corner of the interwebz)


Matt August 18, 2014 at 7:35 pm

When is your new site launching (for business owners)? This is great. I’m about to be your #1 promoter. Cheers, Matt


Jacob C.T. August 18, 2014 at 7:38 pm

Thanks Jaclyn. Relevant insights here.


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