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I’m happy you’re here! You’ve taken a step to change your life. Whether it’s gaining the competitive edge in your business, re-orienting your spiritual life, achieving outstanding health and vitality, deepening your personal relationships, or simply taking your current achievements to the next level, I’m here to help you create a powerful and balanced life filled with passion, success, and peace of mind. Explore the site, and if you have questions, let me know. Answers are just an e-mail away.

Areas of Focus

Motivation and Empowerment
Stress Reduction
Time Management
Conflict Resolution (internal and external)
Creating a balanced, clear, positive mind
Business Coaching & Consulting
Dating and Relationships
Gaining Self-Awareness
Anger Management
Break-ups and Divorce
Health, Fitness, Dieting and Nutrition
Career Aspirations
Organizational Skills
Identity Issues (coming out, accepting LGBT family members)
Grief and Loss
Preparation for Death
PTSD (i.e. helping soldiers assimilate after returning from abroad)
and much more

You can truly design who you become.
While this statement is liberating, it also places an enormous amount of responsibility in your hands. If existence fulfills whatever you ask of it, what will you possibly choose? And how will you achieve it?

People don’t easily pursue self-exploration because they know it may require them to profoundly change their lives. However, successful human beings are not afraid to take a good, honest look at themselves because they realize that all real change begins with awareness.

Successful people are also not afraid to invest in themselves, just as they would see the importance of investing in their business if they wanted it to flourish. They understand the importance of continual self-growth, and they know that the clarity, focus, and confidence they gain while working with a coach will help accelerate their lives.

People don’t have mentors and coaches because they are successful… they are successful because they have mentors and coaches! Napoleon Hill touches upon this when he discusses the extraordinary power of a ‘Master Mind’ in his famous book Think & Grow Rich. A Master Mind = “a mind that is developed through the harmonious cooperation of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task.” That ‘two or more people’ is you and I. And that ‘any given task’ is your goal or dream.

Many of my clients already feel as if their lives are on the right path, and they just need someone to add the extra rocket fuel to help them soar. Others feel completely lost, stuck, or out of hope. Most people fall somewhere in between: they are successful in one or several areas of their lives, but are confused as to why they are vastly lacking in other areas that they are now realizing are important to their long-term fulfillment.

No matter what your unique situation may be, the key is for you and I to get together and clarify what you really want from each area of your life—your innermost values and goals—and what, exactly, is keeping you from achieving them. Until you become clear about your deepest intentions as well as the reason for your delays (inner conflict, fear, a perceived lack, etc.) it is difficult for providence to move for you, or for any real and consistent development to occur.

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As we work together, we’ll create a blueprint for your success, and I’ll provide you with a set of strategies and behaviors to keep you on track. I’ll also hold you accountable for accomplishing milestone goals along the way, so there will be no procrastinating or lying to yourself about what you set out to do during your breakthrough moments of clarity.

Remember: Even if it’s easy for you to sit down in a moment of peace and map out the healthiest, clearest, most beneficial plan for your life…once you’re back in the storm, those best-laid plans may have a tendency to disintegrate. That’s when having a compassionate and experienced life coach at your side will keep you encouraged, focused, and always progressing steadily toward your goals.

Las Vegas Life Coach Jaclyn Costello

Here is a video I created, inspired by Max Ehrmann’s prose-poem “Desiderata.”
I hope it brings you peace. (For the poem in written form, click here.)

Life Coach Las Vegas

Life Coach Las Vegas

Life Coach Las Vegas

Life Coach Las Vegas


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